Welcome to our wonderful world of creativity, educational and motor-skills development! 


Okay, but now why should you choose Beaux-Arts Kidz Kraftz?

We are all born creative but if we do not practice being creative, we will lose it. 

Prof. E Paul Torrence (voted Mr.Creativity of the 20th Century) shed light on this topic and a lot of research has shown that:

  • children aged 4 - 5 showed 98% superior creative ability
  • children aged 10 - 11 showed 30% superior creative ability
  • adolescents aged 15 - 16 showed 12% superior creative ability
  • mature adults showed only a 2% superior creative ability

This is exactly why your child needs Beaux-Arts Kidz Kraftz. 

We are one of the few activities that specifically plan our lessons to ensure our students use their whole brain and keep their level of creativity.

We also specialise in motor-skills development.

We specialise in developing skills needed for school and life by using pottery and child-related craft lessons as a medium to children, from age 3, at their schools countrywide - and where requested.

Our speciality is that our students make their own creations while having a claypot full of fun!