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Below you'll find a collection of 10 of our videos. There are dozens more on our YouTube channel which can be reached by clicking onto the button below:

Arty Goes To Space

You won’t believe what Arty found in his neighbour’s backyard! 🚀 

Watch Arty go into space and learn about the creativity characteristic of essence

Make Ellie the Easter Bunny

Make your own Easter Bunny with three simple ingredients found in the kitchen. Karon shows you exactly how to make the salt dough and then the bunny. It’s a whole lot of fun filled with tons of educational benefits for your little one!

Making the Coronavirus out of clay

Join Alice for a super fun online lesson where she shows you how to make a little virus out of clay and paint it. Very educational if you explain the virus to your child as well

ECD: Physical Development

The physical development of Early Childhood starts slowing down to a certain extent (compared to infancy) and the various body parts develop proportionally. We also look at factors that could influence physical development such as heredity, hormones, nutrition, and emotional stress.

Make a Frog Soap Holder

Follow along with Linda to make a very simple project where you bring in elements such as pinchpots and slabwork with a pinch of creativity to make your masterpiece

Bed time stories: Mama Antelope

Nobody can get into Mama Antelope's house!

We teamed up with Book Dash to provide you with some awesome stories for your little one. This story was written by Florence Murundu for Book Dash. 

How To: Joining

If you are joining flat pieces to another flat surface, you will want to be sure of a good bond. Scratch the surface, coat one piece with clay slurry and press the two together. This will ensure a strong joint as long as both slabs are moist to begin with. Clay slurry is just clay mixed with water.

How To: Coil Pots

Coiling clay pots is a simple process of layering coils or other shapes, one at a time, then welding the layers together to create a solid form. It is an extremely versatile technique that is good for beginners but can be used for great craftsmanship and artistry. Even those who are new to clay should be able to make large and intriguing pottery using the coiling method.

How To: Slabwork

Today, slab pots and slab-building techniques are experiencing a renewed popularity. Modern potters and ceramic sculptors have embraced the slab.

How To: Pinchpots

Many people enjoy making pinch pots because of their relatively easy construction and forgiving form. To begin, choose a clay to use. There are different clay types that have different firing requirements and can be used in different ways. Next, form the pinch pot by rolling the clay into a ball and thinning out the walls with your fingers. Let the pot dry completely before firing it or baking it. Finally, add any embellishments to the surface of the pot with paint, varnishes, or glaze.