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We specialise in developing whole-brain creativity
and fine motor skills by using pottery as a medium

What do we offer?

Pottery Lessons

Since 1996, we've been doing weekly pottery lessons at schools throughout Southern Africa. The students make their own pottery creations which we fire these creations in kilns. The students paint the creations the next week.

Clay As You Go

Our fun new service that was created during the lockdown period. We come to the school once per month to make-and-paint on the same day with our in-house air-drying clay.

Pottery Kits

Can't get enough of pottery? Look no further than our pottery kits. For only R250, you get 2kg of air-drying clay, five paints, a paintbrush as well as access to a whole database of lessons.

What we specialise in

Creativity Development

Our program has been developed in consultation with Dr Kobus Neethling, President of Creativity South Africa. We specialise in Whole-Brain Creativity.

Fine Motor Skills Development

A lecturer at Stellenbosch University, Betsie Vlok, helped design our fine motor skills component of our service offering.

Our 2023 T-shirt

What’s a superhero without his uniform? For only R150 you will receive extra Creative Superpowers by equipping yourself with the 2023 uniform


Whether you’re curious about setting up a demo lesson, enrolling your child, or scheduling us for an interview we are here to answer any questions

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